When Words Fail, Music Speaks

Holistic Music and Sound Healing Therapies in Twin Cities

Discover the Healing Power of Sound and Music

While it’s true that time heals all physical and emotional wounds, you’d be amazed to realize that this comes with a soundtrack that makes the process gentle and soothing. Experience this phenomenon at Music For Healing LLC in Savage, Minnesota.


Therapy and Training

Usher yourself into an environment that enables this kind of recovery through music and sound. These are therapeutic and learning experiences designed to help you achieve individual, family, or group goals.


Reaching Out to the Community

We have been in the music therapy business for more than 29 years. Our company is directed by Cathleen Gempeler MT-BC, a board-certified music therapist.

We currently serve clients with disabilities that qualify them to receive music therapy through the Minnesota DHS waivers. Currently expanding our business to serve more people in the community, we offer workshops.

Available to adult individuals and groups, our services and workshops focus on:

  • Sound Healing
  • Music Therapy
  • DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy)

Special Services Also Offered

Our music therapist also performs Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Vocal Sound Healing Training, which uses different voice techniques.

Experience Is the Best Teacher

Cathleen personally went through traumatic episodes in the past that drove her to undergo therapy. These experiences instilled in her a deeper understanding of traumas pivotal to enabling patients to overcome challenges similar to those she once faced.

The Credentials of Cathleen Gempeler, MT - BC

  • Music Therapist Board Certified
  • Sound Healer
  • DBT-Informed Music Therapist

Music Therapy Education

Bachelor of Music Degree in Music Therapy (from the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire)

Professional Memberships

Consult Our Therapists

Get in touch with us to book a free 30-minute phone consultation. Please be informed that single-event workshops are held onsite only. To join, online payment of fees is required.